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BEYOND THE VOWS -  Four-time Award-Winning Screenplay at Christian Film Festival!! It is an inspirational film about marriage and love's imperfection. The newlywed couple, Karen Burbank and her husband, Don, as with every couple need some sort of healing . While divorce and separation are at its highest peak, it has become the new ritual that would soon follow behind most wedding ceremonies. The Christian couple insists that some marriage counseling and Sunday's worship services are the best options for divorce lawyers and courtroom proceedings. But then, things get even more complicated after Don gets involved into a second affair with yet, another mistress. Karen, his once loved, and devoted-wife that he promised to love and cherish, to have and to hold, from that day forward, for better, for worse, can no longer bear the heavy burden alone from her husband's infidelity. After Don finally fixes himself from within and sees the irreversible damage he has caused Karen until his forbidden past comes back to destroy his union once and for all. But the question is; does the couple have what it takes to overcome the powers that be or will Karen decide to go beyond her vows when she is free to turn the other cheek? 

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Writer & Director Joan Montreuil & Actor Cacile Hughes
2 Sold Out Premieres