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Trina "Joan Montreuil" Brown is the Founder and Owner of Wisdom Productions, LLC and her thriving organization BWIF. She is a known Playwright in the City of New Orleans and have Written and Directed over 20 inspirational plays spreading the message of Faith in Churches, Youth Facilities, Youth Prisons, Conferences and Homeless shelters. Trina is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel and have practiced what she preaches about. Trina has branched out becoming a four-time award-winning Independent Filmmaker in the City of Houston, Writing, Directing, Producing, Acting and Editing her own Short(s) and Feature Films. She is the author of two recent published books; "Delivered from Destruction" and "The Unexpected". She has released her  first Feature Film  "Walk By Faith" nationwide and on her second Feature Film was   released this year on August, 2016, "Closer To Home" and now in post-production with her new movie Beyond The Vows.

Joan strongly believes that, "Without a vision the people perish" and that Dreams and Visions don't just die. Even when the going gets tough, our dream keeps us inspired to live past what we see, think or feel. She states that, even in our darkest hour we will discover that our dreams and visions will sustained us and keep us alive in our Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.  She has long awaited for this time in her life and her "Expectation" was not cutoff. Every book she writes, every movie she writes is inspired by her experience with grief and sorrow and with that, came Wisdom, Revelation & Knowledge. Since she has endured the unthinkable,  she feels that she is  commissioned to  encourage those that are of a broken and contrite spirit with the gift(s)  alert that GOD has trusted her with.

The City of Houston has recoginized Joan efforts to give back to the community and granter her an official day for her  great accomplishments.  Proclamation Day "Joan Montreuil" on April 6! Congratulations Joan! 
Script Writing Sessions, Movie Distributor
Need help writing and formatting a Screenplay?  Sean Johnson, who graduated from New York Film Academy graduated as the top student of his class. He wrote, produced and starred in his own film, "Down By The River". He has assisted several clients to write and complete their screenplay. Don't let your dream die, call us and let us help you bring your script to life. 

Film Editing Sessions
Want to learn how to edit your movie? We understand  that prices may be  out of your budget as an independent Filmmaker. Don't worry, we got you covered. Along with being a Director of Photography, I also teach Editing sessions. You can now enjoy private lessons to get you started in editing your own Film or Music videos. Let us help you save some money. Don't let  money delay your vision, give us a call, today.

Writing a book?  Writing  a Screenplay, I can help you. Along with film editing and screenwriting, I have written and released two published books and by the grace of GOD I just completed my third "Beyond the Vows" released on August, 2017. I have done my homework and studied the craft, if you have a story to tell, than lets prepare to tell it. Let me help you get started. We are here to serve you! Keep posted for our live feed on "write that book"!
Sean Johnson, Jr.  Instructor
Devin Brown, Instructor
Devin Brown is in his student at The Art Institute of Houston. He has reached levels that many would love to be at. He was the chief editor for 'Bayou City and our Short Film Consequences" .  He was the Cinematographer for the international feature films, "Walk By Faith" formerly known as "Something Different" and "Closer To Home [formerly know]'CaseWorker". "Bayou City" Webisode was his first Film to edit and thereafter he has edited many music videos for local artists. 

He says that his skills are given by the good LORD He  taught himself how to edit on Sony Vegas editing software one of the best software in the industry and now he has trained himself on adobe premiere. Devin is one of the instructors with Film Biz 101 Workshop that is taught annually to the community. Devin is now editing music videos, when he is not busy editing Short and Feature Films. He is the Director of Photography for Wisdom Productions, LLC.
Sean received a scholarship to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, the most innovative film and acting school in the world. He graduated from the school as one of the top writers in more than a decade. But it would take more than that to swim with the sharks of show business. His mother and mentor, Ameer Baraka, kept him encouraged as he knocked on the great walls of Hollywood at the time of the writer’s strike. He than realized that his passion to write was his gift. It wouldn’t be long after, he wrote and acted in his own family-based drama film "Down By The River. It was placed on the best sellers list with  Dove Foundation and distributed nationwide by Bridgestone Multimedia Group. Sean is the producer on Pastor's Daughter and an upcoming series to be aired on UMC. Sean also  has own  company named American Film Group.
Joan Montreuil, Screenplay Writer, Producer, Film Editor, Author
Author, Screenwriter, Director, Producer Actor, Film Editor
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