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Wisd          m       Pr         ductions, LLC

•    To aid some very talented and creative ladies in creating their own independent films            [Short, Web series, Feature & Documentary] by allowing them to rent required film            equipment for a lower cost than market price and to receive onset training. 

•    To hire a team that will operate equipment at a reasonable cost and complete projects          with exceptional quality.

•    To provide apprenticeship opportunities to upcoming Writers, Filmmakers, and so many          other areas of film pre and post production. 

•    To host  semi-annual events to advance the knowledge of filmmakers to achieve their goals and desires. 

•    To build  relationships that will attract film industry investors, etc. 

•    To partner with local schools and tough organizations to students interested in the screenwriting and other components of the film industry.
Member of BWIF Nikol Johnson w/Joan