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                                                                                                                              The Award-Winning BWIF members are filmmakers, specifically women, who                                                                                                                       are committed to, but not limited to, cultivating the production skill set in                                                                                                                 other women. Considering the unsavory reports of misconduct on film sets,                                                                                                                               Team BWIF, is adamant about promoting and providing a healthy work                                                                                                                                                     environment conducive to learning this multi-faceted industry. Our organization is                                                                                                                                equipped to train beginners and cater to intermediate filmmakers looking to                                                                                                                                            learn different production roles. Whether you’re a first-time screenwriter or                                                                                                                                            interested in participating in the stages of project development, BWIF has                                                                              viable resources to assist aspiring filmmakers. 

                                                                                                               Brilliant Women In Film Day or BWIF Day" noted each year on March 18th is                                                                                                                   designed to celebrate the unique strengths and accomplishments of women in                                                                                the film industry, right here in The Greater Houston Area. 

Brilliant Women also received an Congressional Recognition Award noted on the 11th of August, 2019 as being the first local group of filmmakers in the cit of Houston. 

Our purpose is to dutifully acknowledge and therefore honor the unprecedented yet unrecognized achievements and equality of women in film; in front of and behind the camera, in the City of Houston and surrounding areas. 
 BWIF [Brillilant Women In Film], is currently, positively influencing that dynamic. At an accelerated rate, they are addressing many issues in the related field, by providing opportunities for local women to display their talents. 

We are not predicated on any particular group or organization. Instead, it is formulated as a "hub of sorts" to bring women in the film community within The Greater Houston Area, together, to support each other, on various projects. The long-term goal is to create a local station that will produce family-friendly film similar to Lifetime TV'S Network.

*Community Leaders*Directors*Playwrights*Producers Producers*Writers*Script Anyalyst*Talk Show Host*Authors*Teachers
*Make-up Artist*Graphic Artist*Actors*Pod Cast Host*Radio ....

 We offer seasonal workshops, seminars, social events, training and so much more...
BWIF sponsors our monthly writers session  "The Writers Room"  to help develop and execute clients screenplay.  BWIF is a movement supporting women filmmakers while serving as a steppingstone for others. 

So, whether you are a rising professional or an established filmmaker equipped to lead, there is room on the team for you. Our purpose is to create films that will empower, strengthen, and encourage women who are broken and in need of support and inspiration. I believe, as the nurturer, the helpmeet and the compassionate one, we understand the issues of life and BWIF wants to provide a platform for you to tell your story and set the captive(s) free. Don't wait, participate and speak up for those who can't.

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Founder & C.E.O Joan Montreuil
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