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Joan's new adventure is BWIF[Brilliant Women In Film]. BWIF member(s) are filmmakers, specifically geared towards women but not limited to male filmmakers. We  are committed to supporting others in the film industry. Our organization is equipped to jumpstart your production from the beginning to the end. We are trained to assist filmmakers through all film production stages . We possess over forty years of experience between us and are knowledgeable in our craft to help produce a quality independent films. We offer workshops, seminars and even engage with other writers in our monthly "Writers Room" event. BWIF understands that it's very difficult trying to juggle this thing called life and at the same time tend to that burning desire burning from within to tell your story. We want to see you succeed! 

So, whether you are a rising professional, just finished your first script; planning to write one or an established filmmaker equipped to lead, there is room on the team for you. Our purpose is to create films that will empower, strengthen, and encourage women who are broken and need a word of encouragement. To mend broken families and minister to that man are women whose life is out-of-control. As the nurture, the helpmeet and the compassionate one, we understand the issues of life and BWIF wants to provide a platform for you to tell your story and set the captive(s) free. Don't wait, participate and speak up for those who can't.
Colossians 3:17
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