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Joan's new adventure is BWIF[Brilliant Women In Film].

BWIF members are filmmakers, specifically women, who are committed to, but not limited to, cultivating the production skill set in other women.
Considering the unsavory reports of misconduct on film sets, Team BWIF, is adamant about promoting and providing a healthy work environment conducive to learning this multi-faceted industry. 

Our organization is equipped to train beginners and cater to intermediate filmmakers looking to learn different production roles. Whether you're a first-time screenwriter or interested in participating in the stages of project development, BWIF is the place for you.
In the event you have completed your film and are in need of distribution, designated BWIF members have viable resources to assist in that area as well. 
 Although we are always looking for fresh, relevant, faith-based content, we are open to different genres, that encompass and project life-changing messages. 

 We offer seasonal workshops, seminars, social events, and so much more...
 Also we engage with other writers during our monthly "The Writers Room" session to help develop and execute clients screenplay.  BWIF is a movement supporting women filmmakers while serving as a steppingstone for others. 

So, whether you are a rising professional or an established filmmaker equipped to lead, there is room on the team for you. Our purpose is to create films that will empower, strengthen, and encourage women who are broken and in need of support and inspiration. I believe, as the nurturer, the helpmeet and the compassionate one, we understand the issues of life and BWIF wants to provide a platform for you to tell your story and set the captive(s) free. Don't wait, participate and speak up for those who can't.
Colossians 3:17
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