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Trina Brown who also known as Joan Montreuil is the founder and owner of Wisdom Productions, LLC. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of BWIF, a women's group of filmmakers located in Houston, Texas. She is also a known playwright in the city of New Orleans and has written and directed over 20 inspirational plays spreading the message of faith in Churches, youth facilities, youth prisons, conferences and homeless shelters. Trina Brown, Ordained Minister of the Gospel and has put into practice what she preaches. She branched out becoming an independent filmmaker in the city of Houston, writing, directing, producing, acting and editing her own Short(s) and Feature Films. She is the author of three published books "Delivered from Destruction, The Unexpected and Beyond The Vows". She has two blockbuster Feature Films "Walk By Faith and "Closer To Home" formerly known as "Caseworker" In stores now and online! She works alongside her sons Sean Johnson, Jr. and Devin Brown.

Joan strongly believes that, without a vision, the people perish and that dreams and visions don't just die. She states that even when the going gets tough our dream(s) keeps us inspired to live past what we see, think, or feel. She truly believes that in times of temptation including our darkest hour, our dreams and visions will sustain us and keep us alive in our mind, body, soul, and spirit. Joan says she's been steadfast and unmovable where she strongly believes that her "Expectation" will not cut off. Experiencing much grief and sorrow Joan turns to her inner-self and receives wisdom, revelation & knowledge, which have produced the compassionate storyteller in her. She understands the process of long-suffering and is called to help encourage those that are of a broken and contrite spirit. With the gift((s) that GOD has entrusted in her, she will encourage​ the multitude.

*Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel by Pastor Antoine Barriere
* Awarded as Elect Lady of Distinctive Services By Walking in Victory Ministries
*Parenting Award By Walking in Victory Ministries
*Outstanding Services  as Youth Director By Household of Faith Family Worship Church 
* A Phenomenal Overcomer By W.O.W. Houston, Texas
Awards & Recognition
In honor of 
Trina Joan-Montreuil Brown
2nd Book Signing for
 "Delivered from Destruction
"The Unexpected"
Radio Interview @ 102.1 Radio Station Promoting "Walk By Faith"
Celebrating our 3rd Movie Premiere
"Closer To Home"
"Down By The River" Opening for Sag Film Festival in San Antonio, TX
Lead Actor in  our Feature Film
Walk By Faith
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