Wisd     m Pr     ductions, LLC
Wisdom Productions, LLC is a multi-faceted establishment with a team ready to assist you. Whether you are a Filmmaker, a Screenwriter, Book Writer or a Film Editor, we can help. We have been serving upcoming actors and actresses for over 10 years in the Houston area. Our company is designed to provide an opportunity for actors and actresses to portray their gifts and talents through film. We welcome non-union and union actors but most importantly, joining our team of professionals  will help cultivate your experiences in all areas of film.
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Annual Workshops
Screen Writing 
Editing Classes
Film Editing 
Short & Feature Films 
Music Videos
Book Writing Tools 
Joan Montreuil, Producer, Writer, Film Editor & Author
Devin Brown, Director of Photography
Sean Johnson Jr., Producer, Writer & Actor
Family-Friendly Films
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